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The recycling and reuse of power lithium-ion batteries has been put on the agenda
Time: 2022-03-09

With the soaring sales of new energy vehicles in China, the recycling of lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicle power has also been put on the agenda.

Generally speaking, less than 80% of the power lithium-ion battery capacity can no longer be used in new energy vehicles, but this does not mean that waste batteries have lost value. They can also be used as storage or related power base stations, street lights and low-speed electric vehicles. Learn from relevant foreign experience, including general motors and Nissan, which have successfully used the case of power lithium-ion battery cascade.

The so-called cascade utilization of power lithium-ion batteries refers to the secondary utilization of power lithium-ion batteries after disassembly, testing and classification.

Before the large-scale promotion and application of new energy vehicles, the consumer demand of the domestic lithium-ion battery market was mainly concentrated in the 3C field. However, due to the relatively small capacity and low cost of lithium-ion batteries in these products, recycling has not been paid enough attention.

With the increase of sales of new energy vehicles, the demand for automotive power lithium-ion batteries has become more prominent.

Theoretically, power lithium-ion batteries can be used in distributed power stations, shelters, street lamps and communication stations.

The electric vehicle market has not been fully developed. In addition, the cascade use of power lithium-ion batteries is completely feasible in theory, but there are still many obstacles in practical operation.

From the current situation of the industry, different automobile companies in China have different battery routes, battery specifications and battery evaluation requirements, resulting in too many battery models and too scattered output, which also brings greater difficulties to the post market, that is, cascade utilization.

In addition to the technical level, there are obviously industrial chain problems to be solved to promote the use of echelons. Sun Dongdong believes that due to the independence trend of China's new energy vehicle industry chain, it is difficult to rely solely on automobile companies, battery companies or battery rental operators to actively lead the research on the cascade utilization of power lithium-ion batteries.

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